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The Health Kick Weight Loss Support

It seems that weight is back on the agenda again.  Following his own time in hospital, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has launched a 'War on Obesity' 

Each time a new campaign hits the media I find myself shaking my head at the missed opportunity to 'get it right'.

Weight loss is a very individual thing, it's also a very emotive subject.  Do I feel that the new campaign "Better Health" has it right? Alas I do not.

My approach to weight loss is very different to a standard "lose 5lbs" or "reduce your calories" or even worse "just have diet shakes"

My approach is to actually teach you about just how amazing you are in a biological sense and how the body really works when it comes to effective fat metabolism and ultimately weight loss.

I have spent many years supporting clients with weight loss and have used my extensive experience to design and build an online support course (more than ever now we need to do things online!!).

This course is modular, you can work at your own pace and all the way through there's videos and downloads where I support you with the right information that will leave you fully in control of your food choices going forward.

There's information on the online course here

Here's a link to a blog I wrote with my thoughts on the new Obesity campaign (the polite version!)

Many times with a weight loss campaign the individual is left feeling elements of blame, guilt even shame - this is completely counter-productive  to weight loss and health.  My approach is to show you how to be in control and to appreciate just how amazing you are, then weight loss will happen for good!



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