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Family Health and Nutrition Course


The Family Health and Nutrition Course will show you exactly which foods to include in your meals, which ones you must avoid, how to introduce more vegetables into your children's meals and reduce reliance on sugar, and how to build healthy eating habits to prepare them for the future...even if they're a fussy eater!

Why should you join this course?


 I will guide you through


  • Which foods hinder concentration and focus

  • Which foods help children to manage stress, anxiety and behaviour
  • How food and health are linked with nutritional science and body fact cards through the post
  • How to create healthy habits for your children
  • How to include more vegetables in your meals (and get your children to eat them)
  • How to gradually reduce reliance on sugar
  • How to overcome fussy eating issues
  • How to "future proof" your children's health 

This is what you will discover on the course

MODULE 1 - How Food Shapes Your Child 

MODULE 2 - Fussy eating, taste development and the food and brain link with food habits

MODULE 3 - The Wonderful World Of Vegetables

How to encourage children to willingly eat more, how to hide them and the nutritional science behind their significance.

MODULE 4 - Future Proofing Health

Why is food so important to future health?

Information for you to download and complete at each module.  Individual feedback and support will be given based on the information you share.

Throughout the course your child/children will receive Dr Bertha Carrot's Nutritional Science and Amazing Body Fact Postcards!

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Special Offer!!!

For the next 20 people to sign up I am including a special course bundle to arrive in the post addressed to your child/children - this consists of a copy of my award-winning book How Food Shapes Your Child, Children's activity pack, Captain Red Pepper Pants notebook, knitted fruit/veg and fact card.

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