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Trick or Treat?

It’s that time of year again when Halloween hits the shelves of our shops and supermarkets in abundance, is it just me or does it seem to get bigger each year?

I don’t get scared by all of the ghosts and ghouls, but one thing that does give me the creeps is all of the garish sweets, chocolates, cakes and biscuits heavily promoted and sold cheaply to encourage the ‘treat’ element of Halloween.


What makes food become a treat? Well that’s a complicated issue and one that I look at in detail during nutrition consultations and in my book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’.  There’s a lot of biology that goes into making food connections, food memories and food addictions, all of these issues go on behind the scenes when we eat food, but its what’s in the food that counts!


I aim to make food fun, engaging and exciting whilst also enabling it to do what it should (nourish us).  When we eat food in this way it positively impacts on health, mood, sleep and behaviour plus creating the right food connections, memories and addictions.  That for me is the real ‘treat’


With this in mind I have produced a ‘Healthy Halloween’ download full of fun recipes.  Does it include chocolate? Yes! Does it include sweets? Yes!


Making some tweaks and changes can not only make the foods we eat healthier but also change the emotional relationship we have with food and the brain connections we have with the foods we eat.

My aim is not to put a downer on the foods currently thought of as treats, more to show you an easy, healthy alternative route that can be just as much (if not more) fun but without any of the negative health associations seen with sugar, sweeteners and artificial ingredients.


Food should be fun and these recipes are no different! Of course, there’s sweets and chocolates but there’s also Wilma the Guacamole Witch, I would love to see your creations of Wilma or other ghoulish creations!!

Halloween on the radio


A while back I was on BBC Radio Leicester discussing Halloween treats whilst Jimmy ate the chocolate orange pumpkins from the download.  Listen to the Halloween interview below

sweets for bbc.jpg

Healthy Halloween Download

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