Heart Health Facts

Today in the UK: -

  • 460 people will die from a heart or circulatory disease

  • 120 of those will be younger than 75

  • 7.4million people are living with a heart or circulatory disease

  • 280 hospital admissions on this day will be due to a heart attack

  • 180 people will die from coronary heart disease


Those statistics are reflective of each and every day within the UK currently.

Scary? Yes.  But with every lifestyle health conditions there's things we can do to influence our own future health.

My approach is always to use nutrition and lifestyle to shape out current and future health.  Whilst the modifiable factors may seem obvious they shouldn't be ignored!

The modifiable risk factors for the prevention of coronary heart disease are: -

Smoking, inactivity, obesity, diet, excess alcohol, stress, high cholesterol, hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes”


“In fact, when it comes to diabetes – adults with Type 2 Diabetes are 2-3 times more likely to develop heart and circulatory diseases and are nearly twice as likely to die from heart disease or stroke as those without Diabetes.”


Source – British Heart Foundation

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