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The Health Kick Weightloss

Not Your Average Weight Loss Course


This is not a diet

(But I can help you lose weight)

What you get on this course

  • Full access to my online support course

  • Information on how to eat for effective weight loss

  • Videos and downloads with lots of information

  • Actions to take from the videos and downloads

  • Monthly webinar and opportunity for Q&A

  • Access to a closed membership Facebook group

  • Opportunities for discounted 1:1 support throughout

What you will gain from this course

  • Appreciate your amazing body

  • Understand how not to be misled by the food and diet industry.

  • Heal any negative relationship with food

  • Lose weight the right way (body fat and long term)

  • Understand that it isn't your fault

  • Take action

  • Improve future health

Full access to the course

All videos, downloads and information packs

PDF copy of my book (by email transfer)

Monthly webinar in the closed Facebook Group


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