Not Your Average Weight Loss Course

This is not a diet

What you will gain from this course

  • Understand and appreciate your body 

  • Understand how many foods can be misleading and counter-productive to health and weight loss

  • Receive individual support to meet your needs

  • Understand how the terminology of food/dieting can be damaging to mental health and emotional well-being

  • Be in a position to move forward with a healthy food relationship for life

  • Achieve the weight you desire without compromising your health

Why should you join this course?

It can be scary trying to make a health change.
You can feel alone, confused, bored of failed attempts

  • I can guide you

  • Explain it isn't your fault

  • Banish any myths

  • Set you up for life

Information for you to download and complete at each module. 

Individual feedback and support will be given based on the information you share. 

Food diary analysis

PDF Responses

Individual reports produced


Full access to the course

All videos, downloads and information

No 1:1 support or individually prepared documents or feedback


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