Not Your Average Weight Loss Course


This is not a diet

(But I can help you lose weight)

What you get on this course

  • Full access to my online support course

  • Information on how to eat for effective weight loss

  • Videos and downloads with lots of information

  • Actions to take from the videos and downloads

  • Monthly webinar and opportunity for Q&A

  • Access to a closed membership Facebook group

  • Opportunities for discounted 1:1 support throughout

  • On-going 1:1 for each module if you join the 1:1 support course

What you will gain from this course

  • Appreciate your amazing body

  • Understand how not to be misled by the food and diet industry.

  • Heal any negative relationship with food

  • Lose weight the right way (body fat and long term)

  • Understand that it isn't your fault

  • Take action

  • Improve future health

Information for you to download and complete at each module. 

Individual feedback and support will be given based on the information you share. 

Food diary analysis

PDF Responses

Individual reports produced at each stage

Full accountability with me!

Monthly webinar in the closed Facebook Group


Full access to the course

All videos, downloads and information

Monthly webinar in the closed Facebook Group

No 1:1 support or individually prepared documents or feedback unless you choose an add on


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