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A Suitcase of Simplicity: Being Healthy While on the Move

Ensuring that your overall health ticks all the boxes is all well and good when you are at home. Ultimately you have control over your diet or exercise regime and everything in between. The problems occur when you are out and about. There are many people who have to travel for work or are constantly on the move. In which case being healthy in these situations is harder to come by, and we can start to fall into old habits or rely on unhealthy food and drink around us. But what can we do to ensure that we are healthy when we are out and about?

Health in a Package

Supplements are a godsend. If you are looking to maintain some optimum health while also being a bit more relaxed there are supplements like CBD gummies that you can pack with you and take on the move. Likewise, if you are following a specific exercise regime at home but you are not able to get an adequate amount of protein into your body you can take amino acid tablets. While these are replacements for healthy foods, this is where we can remember that we don't need to eat three square meals a day. As long as you supplement your one main meal with the right nutrients for your needs, this will work while you are on the move.

Bodyweight Workouts

Not every hotel comes equipped with a gym. And this is where bodyweight workouts and the famous hotel workout is invaluable. Even if you don't have much room and you're trying to follow some form of exercise regime you can very easily rely on your body weight to give your body a good over workout. But if you are looking to be stronger this is where isometrics can come into play. It's a fantastic approach to contracting your body which will put the muscles to work and will result in strength gains. Some resources say that you can gain 5% extra strength every week. This beats the gym hands down! There are plenty of isometric exercises that you can learn if you are looking to switch up your routine. If you travel for work, you can use this time away to think about your workout routine at home and if it is actually delivering the goods.

Quick Stress Busters

Destressing is easier said than done when you are in a hotel with lots of strange noises all around you. Having the opportunity to relax when you are in a strange location can result in relying on a tipple or two to get to sleep. But you can very easily learn to calm yourself down with deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing as popularized by people like Wim Hof, as well as pranayama breathing exercises like tummo, have been invaluable to help people calm down but also the multitude health benefits associated with this type of breathing is a great habit to start when you are in a hotel by yourself. Instead of feeling the temptation to go down to the bar, taking 10 minutes to conduct a deep breathing ritual like this can make you feel so relaxed, light, and loose.

Louise Mercieca

Nutritional Therapist

Personal Trainer

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