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Back for the Future: Looking After Your Back As You Age

Arguably, one of the biggest markers for your overall health is your back strength. The vast majority of people have had problems with their back. Even school children can struggle with their back on occasion. And back pain can range in intensity. But as we get older, we need to prioritise our back. As it's very much the canary in the mineshaft with regards to physical health problems, it is so important to learn how best to look after your back as you get older. How can you do this?

Check In With Yourself

Look at your lifestyle and how sedentary you are. If you are working a job where you are sat down all day, are you hunched over your desk? Are you supporting your back properly? It's the little things that you need to address. As you get older, little issues that you ignore can soon manifest as larger problems. If you start to have issues, it is important to get to a doctor or a specialist as soon as possible. Even if you think it's not a major problem, clinics like Kube Medical provide chiropractic services and massages to make sure you're not carrying any tension. It could very well be as simple as the fact that you are carrying some tension somewhere and it's not necessarily a long-term health problem. If it is tension, you need to start learning how to relax by undertaking calming practices.

Focus on Your Bone Health

As we get older, our lifestyle and diet can result in us getting weaker bones. Consuming a diet heavy in sugar and refined carbohydrates can weaken our bones and potentially cause osteoporosis. In addition, as we get older, our body draws calcium from the bones, which can result in weak and brittle bones. It's important that we promote new bone growth through practices such as a nutritious diet, but also taking a regular supplement of calcium or vitamin D. It's also possible to stimulate bone growth to strength training. Strength training is a fantastic way for you to build a stronger frame. As strength training stress is your bones, it provides the stimulus to increase bone density, which you can achieve by doing squats. It's also important to focus on your weight. By maintaining a healthy weight, you aren't putting constant pressure on your back.

Look at Your Blood Flow

Do you have habits that reduce blood flow around your body? If you are a smoker, this can reduce blood flow to the lower spine. This can cause spinal disc degeneration. Improving the blood flow around your body, in general, can help you to feel better in yourself. As you get older and you start to feel the areas that are more sensitive, undertaking the right habits that encourage blood flow, such as exercise and contrast showers, can make you feel better.

Looking after your back as you get older is a priority, but it's not just about finding the right tips or tricks, it's about changing your lifestyle accordingly.

Louise Mercieca

Nutritional Therapist

Personal Trainer

Award-winning Author

Food writer

Presenter on Early Years TV Food

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