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Ways To Deal With Your Body Insecurities

It is challenging to live in a world where people with perfect bodies surround you. Whether on TV, social media or even the grocery store checkout line, images of unattainable beauty standards bombard society. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and make you feel like you don't measure up. However, there are steps that you can take to help cope with these body insecurities!

Talk To Your Doctor

The first step to overcoming your body insecurities is talking them out with a doctor. They should be able to advise you on the best course of action. For example, your doctor may recommend new dietary habits, exercise routines, or even surgery if they feel it's the best course of action.

Talking to your dentist can also help build your confidence. For one, a composite bonding treatment could help transform your smile if you’re insecure about your teeth. Likewise, many dental treatments could help you turn your insecurities into strengths.

Embrace the Differences

When you're your own worst critic, it can be hard to find the positives. It's easy for those insecurities about your body and appearance to take over and dictate everything you do.

There are many ways to deal with those insecurities. The most important thing is that you can do it for yourself, not for anyone else. It's your body, and no one has a better understanding of how to treat it better than you. You have the power to change what other people think about your appearance if only you believe in yourself. Embracing differences can be the best way to start.

Be Positive

This is a tough thing to do, but it helps so much. When you feel down about your body insecurities and the things people say - sometimes even though they don't mean anything by it - it can feel like everything sucks. But when you look at your life and think, "wow, I have such an amazing life, and these insecurities are the only thing holding me back", it can be empowering.

It's hard to put yourself out there, especially when you may not have a ton of self-confidence, but when you do it, it changes everything. To be positive about your body and the things people say is tough, but you can make changes to help yourself feel better.

Keep Good Company

It can be challenging to deal with your body insecurities when people who are more confident or just plain better looking surround you. Whether the comparison is fair or not, it will always sting a little bit and make you feel less-than. However, this does not mean that you should lock yourself away from society, as long as you surround yourself with people who are not judgemental of your insecurities.

The best way for a person to deal with their body insecurities is by surrounding themselves with the right type of company - those that will help them instead of hurt them. It may be hard at first, but if you can find friends who are supportive and understand your needs, it will be a lot easier and improve your mental health.

It is always important to remember there's nothing wrong with being insecure - people just need the right company around them to diminish these feelings of insecurity over time.


In conclusion, the best way to deal with body insecurities is to work on yourself. Do some self-care and maintain a positive attitude along your journey. If you are unsure about doing something because of your appearance, it's worth giving it a shot as there can be so many benefits from trying new things!

Louise Mercieca

Nutritional Therapist

Personal Trainer

Early Years Nutrition Consultant

Award-winning Author

Food & Health Writer

Presenter on Early Years TV Food

Keynote speaker

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