Hi! I'm Louise Mercieca, Award-winning Nutritional Therapist, Award-winning author and Presenter on my own Food Channel for Early Years Nutrition. 

How can we use food instead of eventually needing medicine!?

There are lots of confusing, contradictory and often, misplaced advice in the world of nutrition. I aim to make the message clear - food and health are intrinsically linked, we simply can't be healthy with a bad diet. Believe me, I used to be a Personal Trainer I've seen a lot of people trying to out-exercise a bad diet and it doesn't work!

It doesn't have to be a battle, I aim to work with you to change the way you view food and your body, which by the way is amazing! Food is not a treat, a punishment a reward or a bribe.

Food is amazing and I would love to teach you just how amazing it is and how amazing you can feel!

The Health Kick


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