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'I can honestly say Louise has changed my life! I feel I have changed my way of eating forever, I have lost 2 ½ stone easily because I have the support to want to eat better and more healthily. Thank you so much Louise for all you support and encouragement and making me understand that my body does need to be looked after and it really does matter that you eat correctly for your health and wellbeing.'


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To say that Louise is passionate about health and wellness would be an understatement. She is relentless in her aim to educate and empower everyone to make better choices about what they eat and how they exercise. If you want to change your life then you cannot put yourself in better hands.'


If you need any form of nutritional guidance...Louise at the Health Kick is your gal! Louise is super passionate about encouraging children and adults to make healthier food choices. I feel honoured to have met her.'



You never cease to amaze me Louise with all of your knowledge and passion on how to live a healthy lifestyle. I can’t tell you how much better I feel for following your advice.'



'I cannot recommend Louise more highly, she is fantastic at what she does, extremely knowledgeable, the brain and heart of heath with a very warm and caring personality'


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