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Consultancy Services

Sometimes you just need someone to come in and have a look at things with a fresh pair of eyes (rather critical ones) and then help you along the way with new ideas and an improved overall nutrition message.

This can be a long term project or a one off few hours/days - whatever your needs and budget I am always happy to have a chat.


Nurture Me Day Nursery

We have worked with Louise on a menu project, to make improvements to our dietary options.  We found that children with dietary requirements were being served dishes that looked very different to the other children.  We don't want any child to feel excluded so Louise has worked with our chef to create dietary meals that are very similar to the regular menu. This not only saves us money from buying expensive meals from outside caterers, but also gives the chef greater control over his menu.

Louise is passionate about healthy food and healthy brains, she is very knowledgeable and great fun to work with.

Emma Cook, Nursery Manager


Dogsthorpe Infant School

"Louise has helped us notice that we needed more 'brain nutrients' in our school meals and with her help we now have a new supplier and a new menu which the children love and are embracing new foods!


Early Years TV

“It is easy to access lots of recipes and menus for the Early Years sector, however, it is very rare indeed to have the nutritional benefits explained.


Louise has an exceptional skill at sharing her knowledge of nutrition for young children in a way that is clear, practical and easy to implement. This is especially true of complex issues such as childhood obesity, sugar consumption and the links between health, nutrition and sport.

Louise has used her nutritional knowledge, communication skills and clear ideas for the benefit of the Early Years sector worldwide.

Kathy Brodie - Early Years Professional, author, consultant and trainer

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Various Projects 

I've had the privilege of connecting with Louise, and I must say that her relentless pursuit of ensuring a brighter future for the next generation through access to nutritious food is nothing short of remarkable. Louise's dedication and unwavering commitment to this cause are truly inspiring.

What truly sets Louise apart is her ability to impart knowledge and passion to those around her. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she has a unique talent for engaging and educating others in a way that leaves a lasting impact. She has a remarkable gift for making complex issues understandable and relatable to a broad audience, which is a rare and invaluable skill in our fast-paced, information-driven world

Vinny Wagjiani - Detective, Coach, Trainer, Director, Chair School Governor

 Nursery Kitchen

"Louise stood out to me as not only was she passionate about what she was trying to achieve – improvements in nutrition for Early Years but was also pragmatic to understand commercial requirements needed to produce large scale quantities.

Louise has helped us validate our menus and ensured we are making dishes that improve children’s outcomes

Louise is passionate about what she does and this rubs off on us all and helps educate us.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Louise to any one"​

Darryl Reardon- Head of Sales and Marketing, The Professional Nursery Kitchen

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