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Writing Services

There's a lot to say on the subject of nutrition as there are so many elements of our day to day lives which are impacted on by the foods we eat.

This doesn't just relate to children's health and nutrition, although that it a definite passion of mine, I provide written and video content on a whole range of subjects as long as they include a link with food!

Here's a few examples of articles I have produced and reviews of those I have worked with.

Articles produced for Cache Alumni

The rise of the diet industry and its' correlation with the rise in global obesity -

Controlling influence on our health in an uncertain world -

Automatic Negativity and how to influence it -

Child nutrition and future health -

Many , many more !


"Louise is one of the current subject specialist authors supporting CACHE Alumni members to stay up to date with best practice and further their own knowledge of different aspects of their specialism online. Each month, Louise writes brilliant educational articles, full of information, for our members in Health, Social Care and Early Years Education. These have been well received and, from an editor’s point of view, are incredibly well written. Louise communicates extremely complicated concepts and pieces of information in a way that is easy to digest and understand"

Dawn Mulvaney CACHE Alumni Editor

Content produced for Connect Childcare

Content for eBook -


Louise from the Health Kick has provided us with some fantastic content to help educate parents through our app. With her help, we've been able to share really important information about child nutrition to over 100,000 active parents. The knowledge Louise has shared is helping these parents to understand the impacts of nutrition and help to improve their children's overall health. She is extremely knowledgeable and great to work with! “

Jo Bernard Campaign & Content Manager Connect Childcare


Content produced Early Years TV

Masterclass course on Sugar

21 featured webinars in the EYTV premium content


“It is easy to access lots of recipes and menus for the Early Years sector, however, it is very rare indeed to have the nutritional benefits explained. Louise has an exceptional skill at sharing her knowledge of nutrition for young children in a way that is clear, practical and easy to implement. This is especially true of complex issues such as childhood obesity, sugar consumption and the links between health, nutrition and sport

Kathy Brodie- Early Years Professional, author, consultant and trainer

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