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How Food Shapes Your Child


My book shows you how feeding a child is not just about the amount of food that they eat but how food shapes their health now and in the future.  It's engaging and designed for children to be involved and has lots of family-friendly recipes.

Book Reviews

Recipes for the Grandchildren

"How Food Shapes Your Child - Mrs P and I have definitely been inspired with lots of recipes for the grandchildren.  The body facts were an interesting read too!"

Theo Paphitis

No nonsense practical approach

"This is a no nonsense practical approach to sensible eating. It explains why eating proper food without sugar and additives really makes a significant difference to your child's physical and mental wellbeing which will give them a life long rational relationship with food. The book is beautifully laid out and the recipes are also suitable for adults and children alike. Well researched with lots of great advice, would definitely recommend."

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Informative, clear, tasty and realistic food advice

"This should be a must for anyone with children, working with children or in any way involved in feeding them! The recipes are a huge hit in our house.

Clear understanding of nutrition, advice written by a mum for other mums and meal ideas that fit even our tight budget. Highly recommended."

Useful book for parents and practitioners

"I really like the idea behind this book. As both a parent and a early years professional I feel we need more like this. There’s just enough content to feel more informed and to go off to find out more if interested.

Easy book to access and would be keen to have more info about diet and effects on the body and brain in the future."

Brilliantly informative... our new family cooking bible!

"Just LOVED this book, it is such an incredible resource when you have young children, I couldn't find anything similar on the market. This is packed full of not just the science behind good eating and why we should eat the right foods, but is packed with brilliant recipes with ingredients you can actually find cheaply at the supermarket"

A must for anyone wanting to understand the impact food has on our children

As a Grandparent I thought I knew it all! But times have changed and manufacturers are getting sneaky when it comes to adding ingredients into food targeted at children. So I was really appreciative of this book, it has opened my eyes on a number of food related issues. I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes out on my grandson when he next comes to stay. Actually, in truth I intend trying out plenty of the recipes before then as they are totally suitable for getting fussy adults to try different vegetables too

Amazing book

Amazing book and not just for children. We use lots of the recipes as a family. Louise is so knowledgeable.

A parents life just got easier with this book!

We are living in a frightening age where children are eating more and more 'instant' food that is often literally 'fast' to go along with the daily rush

Louise has created a beautiful book that makes creating and cooking delicious meals an easy and fun experience. The chapters are as colourful as the fruit n veg in the meals. None of which are boring. This is such an easy read, all the important information on health, obesity and sugar has been boiled down to give you only the need to know info over a few pages. It's informative and it's not preachy

My son Owen, aged 4 at the time designing Captain Red Pepper Pants in the design studio with Mikki

This Book is the Bees Knees!

This book is the bees knees. Its simple to understand in relation to both the recipes and nutritional information and EASY to implement into your daily life. I am a mum of 3 and run my own business and have found it a doddle to incorporate into the weekly chaos of school and after school activities. I love the ketchup, baked beans and jam alternatives.

Every day is a school day & that is definitely the case when you read How Food Shapes Your Child.

My little boy was such a good eater when I first started weaning but over time he became more & more fussy. By the time he turned three I felt devastated & wondered what I had done something wrong. This book has made a HUGE difference to us all. 

In my mind, the best thing about the way Louise has written this book is that what you learn to help your child/children will also help you & that can never be a bad thing. I cannot recommend it highly enough!!

The Veg Gang

Very useful for picky children!

What Louise has managed to achieve here is incredible. I have been wheat/diary/sugar free for a while now but have always veered away from doing the same with my children, simply because they are so picky already that I didn't want them to think of food as the enemy and to be willing to try everything. But Louise has given me some great inspiration for dishes that I can make, that are the kind of food that children want, as well as being good for them. Hats off, thank you!

Excellent nutrition advice

Louise explains the importance of diet and nutrition for children in today's world in a very accessible way. The recipes are fantastic, really easy and a lot of them designed to be children friendly too.

 It all makes so much sense!!

This is a fabulous book - full of brilliant advice and written in an approachable, down to earth style. Really sensible recipes that are suitable for everyday family eating. Children also love the colourful layouts - enjoying spotting the Vegetable Gang throughout. Can't wait to see what she writes next!

Wow !!!!!!!! Excellent

Bought this book after seeing that my granddaughter was being fed bland, boring, tasteless food.
Just proves that with a little thought - a child’s growth can be stimulated with nutritious, exciting and healthy food. What a fantastic idea for a book.

Fully recommend to any parent (mums AND dads alike !) - it opens your eyes to the importance of eating healthy


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