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How Food Shapes Your Child Podcast

If you have ever spent any time with me you will realise that I love to talk about nutrition! Wherever I can I will make the links between what we eat and our overall health and well-being.  Food really is that significant.

I have, over the years been a guest on many a Podcast but, being rather technically challenged I had never entertained the idea of having my own, until now.......

Via the powers of technology I bring you (I say I loosely, credit wholly goes elsewhere) my brand new podcast.

Educational Snippets

I aim to provide educational snippets on a whole range of subjects but keep them short enough to not bore you, though if you find them helping you sleep that isn't a bad thing as I have a sleep series of podcasts highlighting the importance of sleep!

CPD Podcast Series

Within my CPD Course series How Food Shapes Your Child there are embedded podcasts too.

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Previous episodes

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