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How do you feel?

In any situation our brain is pre-programmed to see the very worst outcome, this is a primal defence mechanism to help us to see a way out of a dangerous situation.  This may be helpful when it is to devise a plan to escape from a wild animal but it is not helpful in a situation that is out of our control.  With a continual flow of information (news, social media etc) we have a constant worst-case scenario playing out in our minds.


Whilst our mind is envisaging this frightening situation(s) it is very hard to switch into a positive mindset, it is also increasingly difficult to concentrate, focus and function through every day life.   As the current situation is very likely to go on for some weeks and months to come, this heightened state of anxiety will begin to take a significant toll on your physical and mental health.  This information is designed to help you adopt coping mechanisms and habits to form a new routine and to support your overall health and well-being.


How you adapt to this situation now, how you think, move and eat during this time will have a significant impact on both your physical and mental health for years to come.

We are living through scary times but for a lot of us, we can control some elements of how we get through it through our own mindset and by taking responsibility for our health. 

Some PDF's to download 

I have created some PDF's for you to download which highlight the vital link between physical health, immunity, mindset and mental health.  Remember, how you approach this situation, your mindset, what you eat etc. will not only affect your immune response right now but your future health and mental well-being.

Obesity and Covid-19

boris bike.jpg

There's a new obesity plan in place! Following on from Prime Minister Boris Johnson's personal experience of Covid-19 he has embarked upon a personal health journey to lose weight and he has decided to take the nation with him!!

Public Health England have launched the 'Better Health' campaign as part of a 'wake up call' for the nation.

Whilst I agree we need to do something and I know there is a link with the severity of symptoms for those with additional weight. I don't feel this plan is the solution.

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Immunity Age


Did you know that your immune system has it's own age? 


We are all facing the biggest threat of our generation, our health and that of our immune system is of upmost importance. Consider the impact your lifestyle may have had on your immunological age and what steps you can take to improve this now. Now, more than ever we need our immune system, we need to understand it more, respect it, feed it better and hope that in doing so our immune system will be there for us when we need it.

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