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Pancake Day

People have been eating Pancakes for over 1000 years!

  • They were originally a way of using up any leftover 'fatty' items in readiness for the period of Lent

  • Would you believe that in the UK we use 22 million eggs MORE on Pancake Day than we do on other days?! That's a cracking 52 million eggs in one day!

  • An average person will eat 7300 eggs in their lifetime

  • The largest Pancake ever made was 15 metres weighing in at a whopping 3 tonnes!!! 

  • In France, it is customary to make a wish when flipping a Pancake!

Pancake day can also be a time when we eat a lot of sugar! I am not meaning to be a killjoy but there are a few healthier tweaks we can make to our Pancake Day!

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