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Not taking care with chopping boards!!

Shared from the guest blog this month on the subject of kitchen health and our health - Mike Hardman, from catering and hospitality retailer, shares some habits to avoid for the best gut health.

I must admit I did a stock check of my own chopping boards after reading this (we all have our favourites, that have seen better days!)

Chopping boards are a staple of any kitchen as they provide a convenient place to cut and prepare food. However, they can also be a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria when used incorrectly, and those microbes could potentially make you ill.

One of the big dangers of chopping boards is cross-contamination of bacteria across different foods types. To avoid this, always use a different board for each food group you prepare — so you'll need a new one at the ready if you switch between raw meat, raw fish, cooked meat, salad, vegetables, and dairy and bakery items. Restaurants often impose a colour-coded system for each food type to avoid any confusion, which you may also find useful at home.

Check out the full article from Mike here

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