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Watermelon Gin Fizz

1-2 shots good quality gin

Large section of fresh watermelon


Lime zest and slice


Remove the outer section of the watermelon and place the flesh in a blender/bullet

Add the ice and blitz 

Add the gin to 2 glasses, zest the lime over the gin

Top up with the watermelon and ice mixture

Garnish with a slice of lime!


Adding watermelon is particularly relevant to Valentines’ Day as it supports heart health and feelings of intimacy!


Not only does the watermelon have cardiovascular benefits as it contains Lycopene which can potentially support blood pressure and cholesterol. Watermelon may also increase nitric oxide in the body, this helps your blood vessels expand.   In terms of feeling all ‘loved up’ watermelon also helps the body to produce Oxytocin - this is often referred to as the ‘love hormone’ as it is associated with feelings of intimacy.  Mostly associated with women as it is produced in labour and when breastfeeding but men produce it too!


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